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Heart Beat
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Production Credits

Heart Beat
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CARA Award CARA 2003 Award Winner for Best Album and Best Song ("La Comida")
A passionate a cappella celebration of women's voices and percussion with songs that affirm life and sing a vision of one world at peace - spanning the spectrum of original and traditional music - sung in English, Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino. Heart Beat: a place where the personal, social, political and spiritual resonate in harmony. Includes a Yiddish song of resistance ("Zog Maran"), a Brazilian song of praise ("Elokim Noten Hakol"), and a joyous song adapted from a South African freedom anthem that will get you to your feet ("Yesh Lanu Koach").


Listeners' Comments:

“These Yiddish Divas make music that embodies peace, resilience, reconciliation, and the notion that we will overcome our enemies with our singing.”

Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Combined, they've had more theatre, singing and music experience than the Rolling Stones have had tours. It shows, rather brilliantly. The production is first rate, and no two songs are born into the same style. If you like the world, you'll love exploring this disc.”

Ben Ohmart, Music Dish

  1. Heart Beat Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Heart Beat

  2. La Comida Listen to an mp3 sample:

    La Comida

  3. Zog Maran Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Zog Maran

  4. 'Elokim Listen to an mp3 sample:


  5. Guide Me Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Guide Me

  6. Who Can You Lean On Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Who Can You Lean On

  7. Full Circle Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Full Circle

  8. Yesh Lanu Koakh Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Yesh Lanu Koakh

  9. For Talia: Born 9/11/85 Listen to an mp3 sample:

    For Talia: Born 9/11/85

  10. These Hands Listen to an mp3 sample:

    These Hands

  11. Ocho Kandelikas Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Ocho Kandelikas

  12. Los Bilbilicos Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Los Bilbilicos

  13. 'Erets Zavat Khalav Udvash Listen to an mp3 sample:

    'Erets Zavat Khalav Udvash

  14. Sarah and Hagar Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Sarah and Hagar

  15. Pitkhu Li / Effen Oyf: A Chant to Life Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Pitkhu Li / Effen Oyf: A Chant to Life

Linda Hirschhorn
Elizabeth Stuart
Alison Lewis
Ellen Robinson
Judith-Kate Friedman
Jennifer Karno

Production Credits:

Produced by Fran Avni.

Heart Beat was recorded, mixed and mastered at Spark Studios, Emeryville, CA by Mike Bemesderfer and Ashley Moore.

Photos by Arlene Karno and Sara Glaser.

Special thanks to Fran Avni, Mike Bemesderfer, and Ashley Moore for their loving support and creativity.

Thanks to Susie Goldenstein, Linda Grondahl, Michaelle Goerlitz, Gary Muszynski, Monza Naff, and Susu Pampanin.

© 2002 Linda Hirschhorn, Kehila Publications (BMI)
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